24 Hour Emergency Service


Water Restoration FAQs:

How do I get in touch with Aladen Carpet if I have a water emergency?

We are available at (405) 624-8922 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What can I expect from the restoration experts?

Our goal is to help the customer understand what is happening to their home and the process of fixing it. Our technicians are extremely skilled professionals and will excel at every job they do. 

Carpet Cleaning FAQs:

How often do I need to get my carpet cleaned?

To keep your carpets and home looking their best, we recommend having carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months, depending on foot traffic. 


Is carpet cleaning expensive?

Professional carpet cleaning can be just pennies compared to the cost of replacing it all. Call today to get an estimate from one of our professionals. 

Tile Cleaning FAQs:

How long does it take to get the tile and grout at my home professionally cleaned?

A 300 square-foot area takes generally takes 60 to 90 minutes. Time varies based on tile size, the amount of soil in your grout, and room configuration. If you choose to seal the grout after the cleaning, we recommend waiting 24 hours after the clean to apply the seal so the seal will adhere properly. Grout sealing itself takes two to three hours. 


When will I be able to walk on my floors after a tile and grout cleaning?

Keeping off freshly cleaned tile floors for a least 30 minutes is essential. Avoid getting anything liquid on the floor for 24 hours for any sealants to dry. 


How often do I need to get my grout and tile cleaned?

We recommend having them professionally cleaned every year, depending on the foot traffic, pets, children, and regular floor maintenance, 

Upholstery FAQs:

When will I be able to use my furniture after a professional cleaning?

Depending on the cleaning methods we use, drying time differs. The average drying time is anywhere from one to six hours.


How often do I need to get my upholstered furniture professionally cleaned?

Furniture manufacturers typically recommended having upholstered pieces professionally cleaned every 12 to 14 months.